State Secretary Dr. Mauro Dell’Ambrogio, State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation

Patronage Committee

Prof. Dr. Rolf Dubs, former President of the University St. Gallen

Prof. Dr. Brigit Eriksson-Hotz, President of the University of Teacher Education Zug

Representative of the Cantonal Government Dr. Aurelia Frick, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Education and Culture, Principality of Liechtenstein

Dr. Peter Grünenfelder, Director avenir suisse

Prof. Dr. Stephan Gerhard Huber, Head of IBB of University of Teacher Education Zug

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Minsch, Chief economist, economiesuisse

National Council Dr. Gerhard Pfister

Representative of the Cantonal Government Stephan Schleiss, Director for Education and Culture, Canton Zug

Ulrich Straub, Chairman NESINCO Group Ltd.