Music at the Symposium

The Symposium offers different cultural and social activities featuring national and international artists. Therefore, artists from Switzerland and neighboring countries are invited. In particular, some young artists are offered a platform for their performances.

Fabian Braendle, Senja Hannig, Timo Maul

Hajo Sassenscheidt


The Jazzpolice is a marching band from Berlin, Germany, who swept the audience with swing, New Orleans marching music and old pop and folk music.

Brian O’Gott: banjo, singing
Mathias „Masju“ Grabisch: sousaphone, trombone
Jürgen „Jay“ Hahn: trumpet, singingdancing

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Ay Wing

Swiss singer/songwriter influenced by quirky 60s sounds and modern beat driven production. Ay Wing’s lyrics are inspired by humour, modern romance and life’s ups and downs.

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Peter Lenzin

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Vendredi Soir Swing

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