Parallel Program

Thursday, September 7


Here you find the program (29.8.2017)

Here you find the abtract-booklet (29.8.2017)


Within the Parallel Program the participants have the opportunity to focus on one particular theme over four 90-minute sessions (workshops and presentations) or to switch between different themes (thematic strands). Choose among German-speaking and English-speaking strands. All in all, about 220 paper presentations and workshops will be provided. For the first time, there will be sessions in French and Spanish, too.


Themes (Thematic Strands) of the English-speaking Parallel Program

  • Assessment and Evaluation for Quality Development
  • System Leadership and Cooperation
  • Equity and Equality in Education
  • Diversity Management
  • Leadership for Learning
  • Health and Resilience
  • School Improvement
  • Professionalization of School Leaders
  • Educational Policy and Educational Governance


Themes (Thematic Strands) of the German-speaking Parallel Program

  • Lernen, Unterricht und Erziehung
  • Personalmanagement
  • Organisation und Wissensmanagement
  • Qualitätsmanagement
  • Kooperation, Bildungslandschaften und System Leadership
  • Führungskräfteentwicklung / Professionalisierung pädagogischer Führungskräfte
  • School Turnaround
  • Digitalisierung
  • Bildungsgerechtigkeit
  • Inklusion
  • Migration und Bildung
  • Partizipation und Demokratie
  • Gesundheit und Resilienz
  • Architektur und Pädagogik
  • Kunst und Pädagogik
  • Steuerung in Bildungssystemen, Governance und Bildungspolitik


Moreover, there will be the following “Foren” as special formats:


Moreover, there will be a virtual marketplace for exchange and networking (“offer-search”).